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A fitness and lifestyle coach. Impacting clients’ lives with fitness and confidence.

Client Transformations

Client Transforma-tions

Types of Programs

Fit For The Dress/Suit - Bridal/Groom Fitness Program

Alright so the date, venue and color of your wedding is selected, so what’s next ? I’ll tell you what’s next, it’s your wedding fitness routine! This program is specifically designed for you to look and feel your very best on the day that you’ll never forget.

Fit For The Office - 9 to 5 Results

Spending a lot of your time at the office sitting at a computer screen, leading debates, and making presentations usually cause your neck, back, wrist and arms to become fatigue, which are major contributors to workplace stress and tiredness.

Fit Parent At Home - Home Fitness Program

Struggling to successfully make fitness part of your life as a stay at home parent? Don’t worry! This program is designed to give the perfect workouts tailored to your needs without any fancy or expensive equipment!

Personalized Fitness - Online Fitness Program

Allow me to give you the blueprint to your specific goals. Whether you want to grow your glutes, tone your legs, get shredded abs or achieve that lean body physique, this program is designed with personalized workouts for your goals!

Lean Eating - Nutrition Program

Start eating towards the results you want and improving your health with a personalized meal plan! With this program you can receive delicious, healthy recipes with all the measurements and weekly grocery lists done for you.

(Virtual) Personal Training

Let’s get personal virtually! This program entails virtual personal training sessions led by me via my fitness app, zoom or FaceTime. These workouts are modified to fit your needs and limitations. With my guidance, together we will exceed your goals as I am there to provide the motivation and make sure each exercise are being executed correctly. 


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